'Zie ginds...'
Look there is the steamer
from far-away lands
it brings us Saint Nicholas
he's waving his hands
his horse is a-prancing
on deek up and down
the bamers are waving
in village and town

Black Peter is laughing
and tells everyone
the good kids get candy
the bad ones get none
Oh dearest St. Nicholas
if Pete and you would
just visit our house
for we all have been good

'Hoor wie klopt daar...'
Hear who knocks there children
hear who taps there children
hear who raps against the window panes
it's a stranger surely
who is lost here surely
let us ask him what may be his name
Saint Nicholas, Saint Nicholas
pay us a call tonight please do
we've put hay and carrots
in each and ev'ry shoe

'Hoor the wind ...'
Hear the wind over rooftops humming
in the chimney hear it blow
will Saint Nicholas still be coming
through the storms and through the snow
tbrough the stonns and through the snow

Yes he comes though storms be beating
on his horse so strong and fast
if he hears our heart a-beating
surely he would not ride past
surely he would not ride past
'Zie de maan...'
Bright December moon is beaming
boys and girls now stop your play
for tonight's the wonderous evening
eve of good St. Nicholas day
over the roofs his horse unshod
brings us cake or else the rod

We will share things fair and even
marzipan and gingerbread
Oh, what fun it'll  be play with
toys and games till time for bed
only naughty kids will shake
get the rod instead of cake

No one here needs to be fearful
mother says we have been good
though perhaps we've not been always
as obedient as we should
se we wait in hopeful fear
holy saint be welcome here